Third Practice depends on the generous support of its patrons in order to fulfill its mission of bringing the beauty of vocal music to audiences throughout the greater Washington, DC/Baltimore area. Your donation enables us to not only to perform rarely-heard masterpieces of today and yesteryear, but also collaborate with various arts organizations and commission new works. Third Practice is a 501c3 corporation, and as such all contributions are tax deductible.

In gratitude for their kind donations, Third Practice seeks to recognize each of its supporters with a number of exclusive benefits, including exclusive early access to recordings, meetings with the artistic director and composers, and even private concerts. We thank you for your support!




Anonymous (3)
Arianne Abela
Christian Amonson
Julane and Art Anderson
Katelyn Aungst
Candy & Charles Bartoldus
John Bartoldus
Susanna Beiser
Nancy Beith
Elizabeth Black
Jim & Ann Blessing
Jane Bloodworth
Robert Bolyard
Sarah Brennan
Rebecca Brinkman
Ken Bromfield
Douglas Buchanan
Nancy Caporaso
Rachel R Case
Tim Cheston
Mike Colley
Thomas Colohan
Tiffany Coombs
Katherine Cook
Steven Cooksey
Scott M. Crissman
Justin Cunningham
Tim & Linda DeLeon
Katharine Dryden
Joanna Duffett
Claudia Dulmage
Marilyn Duncan
Nathalie Duval
Andrea Eastman-Mullins
Father Ryan Elder
Michelle Eldridge
Brenna Elliott & Jason Thibault
Camila Escobar-Vredevoogd
Reena Esmail
Helen Fields
Rebecca Frasure
Roland Frye, Jr.
Elizabeth Fulford
Barry Galef
Roberta Gasbarre
Peg Gianuca
Sara Cantor Gibney
Sarah & Richard Glassco
Melody Grewell
Lila Guterman
Robert Haight
Leslie Hall
Erica Haman
Anne Harrison
LeeAnn Moore Hart
Dustin Hawks
Margaret Hemingway
Sara Hemmings
Jennifer Lopatin Hergenroeder
Christopher J. Hinkle
Samantha Hoilett & Rick Bartoldus
Elly & Andres Holzer-Torres
Melissa Hunter-Kilmer
Jennifer Itzkoff
Kathleen Jagielski
Leslie Johnson
Rachel Jongerius
Sharon Shumway
Erica Westcott Kelly
David Dong-Geun Kim
Donald Kohn
Eric Kreidler
Jim Kreidler
John & Val Kreidler
Shauna Kreidler Michels
Diane Kresh (on behalf of the Washington Master Chorale)
R. Kuipers
Amy Lauder

Eileen Lawrence
Jessica Lawrence-Hurt
Jung-Yoon Lee
Carol & Daniel Levin
Greg & Susan Lewis
Chris & Betsy Little
Ann Leyh
Sarah Marcus
James Martin
Arvilla Mastromarino
Justin & Ilke Matthes
Helen M McCauslin
Miriam Meglan
Dianne & Arthur Messenger
Matthew Messenger
Donna Michels
Ross & Meghan Micheals
Cole Milliard
Betty M. Mitchell & D. Brian Richardson
Leslie Moser
Brian Mummert
Elisabeth R. Myers-Kerbal
Erin Merceruio Nelson
My-Van Nguyen
Suzie Nielsen
Barbara Nolte
Kathryn Norseth
Rose Norseth
Tawnie Olson
Daniel Page
S. Panthaki
Craig Pellet
Carol & Antonio Perez
Sophia M Perry
John Pomeranz
Colleen Potter Thorburn
Lynne Price
Sue & Terry Proescholdt
Anne Provencher
Danielle Relyea
Nola Richardson
Beth & Drew Riggs
Christopher Riggs
Nancy Roblin
Michael Rohrer
Thalia Roland
Megan Ross
Jason Rylander
Lauren & Aprotim Sanyal
Susan Clement Schreurs
Joel Cuffman & Leo Settler
Sarah Shoremount
Mollye MacLeod & David Silberstein
Doug & Caroline Smith
Innocent Smith
Philip Smith
Robin Smith
Jo Ann Staebler
Joanna Staebler-Kimmel
Ann Stahmer
Nick Starr
Richard Starr
Christopher Stenstrom
Deborah Sternberg
Shelley Stewart
Lucy Sullivan
Erin Sutherland
Sara Taber
Maud Taber-Thomas
Heather Templeton
Ian Tomesch
Karen Toth
Mel Troxell
David Vaughn
Kirsten Volness
Douglas Wilson
Megan S. Woods
William Wurzel
Daryl Yoder
Gail Zachary


Donor benefits

Thank you for your donation! With your permission, Third Practice will list you on our website as a supporter of the arts.

All of the above, plus an electronic file of one concert recording

All of the above, plus an invitation to lunch with our Artistic Director

All of the above, plus an invitation to lunch with a composer whose work you will have helped commission and a signed copy of the score

All of the above, plus a private Third Practice concert at a mutually agreed upon date and location for you and your friends